Email & Web Security

Anti-spam and phishing security
With fraudulent, inappropriate and offensive emails being delivered in vast quantities to businesses every day, anti-spam software is a vital component of your network security strategy. Spam wastes network users’ time and network resources, and can also be dangerous. GFI MailEssentials offers anti-spam for Exchange server and other email servers and eliminates the need to install and update anti-spam software on each desktop.

Email anti-virus security
The need to monitor email messages for dangerous, offensive or confidential content has never been more evident. The most deadly viruses, able to cripple your email server and corporate network in minutes, are being distributed worldwide via email in a matter of hours. Products that perform single vendor anti-virus scanning do not provide sufficient protection. Worse still, email has become the means for installing backdoors (trojans) and other harmful programs to help potential intruders break into your network. Products restricted to a single anti-virus engine will not protect against email exploits and attacks of this kind.

Email archiving and mailbox management for all company email
GFI MailArchiver for Exchange provides easy-to-use corporate email archiving, enabling you to centrally archive all internal and external email. GFI MailArchiver allows you to archive past, present and future emails into one or multiple Microsoft SQL databases, providing both the network administrator and employees with a number of benefits.

Real-time HTTP/FTP monitoring, anti-virus & access control
GFI WebMonitor is a utility for Microsoft ISA Server that allows you to monitor the sites users are browsing and what files they are downloading – in REAL TIME. In addition it can block access to adult sites as well as performing anti-virus scanning on all downloads.  Ensure legal compliance that will not alienate your network users!