What’s New in RightFax 10.5



OpenText RightFax 10.5 offers exciting new features and functionality focused on four key areas of success: performance and scalability, user experience, administrative control, and integrations

Performance and Scalability

Combine the trust of fax with the speed of the Internet! The OpenText RightFax Internet Connector is the greatest technological leap faxing has taken in 150 years. It empowers RightFax users to:

  • Create per-transmission Internet connections between two RightFax 10.5 servers, bypassing the telephone network and its per-call tolls.
  • Validate senders and recipients against the global RightFax registration database, which contains only fax numbers that have passed a rigorous vetting and authentication process.
  • Fax at Internet speeds while adding modern encryption and digital security to the tamper-proofing, privacy, and audit trail of traditional fax.

Optimize throughput by using Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) to more efficiently distribute outbound faxes across available channels, reduce network traffic, and lighten the load on the SQL server.

Enhance server performance with the new file structure for storing fax images, which dramatically speeds file I/O especially in high-volume environments.

Customize faxing in your organization with a comprehensive Web Services API. Developers can use HTTP and XML to build applications using any platform or language.

User Experience

Read faxes more easily than ever because RightFax 10.5 cleans up imperfections, centers images, and rotates text to be upright. The original image is retained for audit and compliance purposes.

Boost productivity with modern, improved interfaces for the FaxUtil user client and the Enterprise Fax Manager (EFM) administrator client. The redesigns deliver an intuitive user experience while retaining existing functionality, so no retraining is needed. Each user can make their work more efficient with a customizable FaxUtil toolbar.

Go anywhere with the RightFax Web Client, which sports improved usability. It supports both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, running on IE, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari.

Administrative Control

Manage the RightFax environment easily with improved administrator tools:

  • Use EFM to manage cover sheets.
  • Filter which cover sheets and library documents are available to different groups.
  • Whitelist file attachments to enforce policy and reduce server overhead.
  • Assess the health and status of the RightFax environment quickly with a new web-based dashboard that shows:
    • Server CPU & HD
    • Services
    • Local WorkServers
    • Work Requests
    • DocTransports
    • Channels


Extend the power of RightFax with new and improved integrations:

  • Receive faxes directly into Microsoft SharePoint 2010 libraries and workflows, and send SharePoint 2010 documents as faxes.
  • Integrate RightFax with HP Open Extensibility Platform (OXP/d) MFPs to give users a personalized, interactive experience. Learn more>>
  • Increase the inbound and outbound fax functionality of SAP with a newly built connector for SAP written using the SAP NetWeaver SDK.
  • Send OpenText eDOCS documents as faxes, and receive faxes into eDOCS.
  • Create a fully united fax and email solution with Lotus Notes 8.5.2 and 8.5.3.