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Maintaining over four times the market share of its nearest competitor, RightFax helps companies across the globe reduce costs associated with managing the business critical faxes and documents that drive their daily operations.


What’s new in RightFax 10.5? RightFax 10.5 delivers exciting new features and enhancements that will further cement the position of RightFax as the best solution for easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage enterprise fax and electronic document delivery.

RightFax Connect: Cloud-Enable your RightFax Server for all the benefits of RightFax without the Telco headaches

RightFax on Demand: Simplify and meet document distribution objectives with a rich, scalable, and fully integrated hosted RightFax system

RightFax Benefits: RightFax significantly reduces costs from standalone machines, integrates with a range of applications in an IT infrastructure and provides powerful technology to ensure secure document delivery.

RightFax Server Options: The RightFax family of fax servers provide an integrated and scalable solution that can meet the needs of any organization. RightFax can help reduce costs, improve productivity and meet compliance goals by integrating fax with e-mail, desktop and document management applications, and by enabling high volume fax delivery from CRM, ERP, and host applications.

Why Fax Automation?

Why  fax in an IP environment?


Why integrate Multi-Function Devices with RightFax?

Atticus Consulting is New England’s #1 Open Text RightFax Integrator

Atticus Consulting is a systems integrator that specializes in designing and implementing complete business information delivery and document automation solutions.
We have over 10 years experience helping our clients save time, money and resources implementing document automation solutions.  As the most experienced OpenText Fax and Document Distribution partner and the #1 RightFax integrator in New England, Atticus Consulting provides complete solutions for Desktop Fax,  Fax automation, Fax Over IP, and MFP integration.

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