Psi:Capture for MFPs

Organizations are looking to leverage their existing investment in scanning copiers and other capture devices like: scanners, printers and fax machines. These devices have several key limitations, which can cause major headaches for IT staff and personnel over time:

  • MFPs are equipped with very basic scanning and capture capabilities
  • They lack standardization to ensure a repeatable scanning and imaging process across multiple devices
  • The scanned documents produced are images and are not searchable
  • The scanning/capture process on MFPs can be very time consuming, as each document has to be individually scanned, named and placed into the correct location on the network
  • MFPs have no inherent capability to scan directly into enterprise applications

In essence, most organizations that do not add software to control and standardize the whole scanning and document imaging process take their paper mess and recreate it digitally.

PSI:Capture for MFPs is a third generation distributed scanning and capture software product from PSIGEN Software. It delivers automated, unattended capture processing for distributed capture devices, including MFPs, network scanners, or fax servers. This powerful, flexible application provides efficiency and standardization to the network scanning process, and all the indexing power of PSI:Capture enterprise. The included bar code generation utility complements this distributed capture processing system by allowing for rapid creation of barcode separator and cover sheets from within the application, for use in document separation and/or automatic indexing.