Paper Document Processing

Scan, recognize and automatically process the paper flowing through your business today.
Teleform automatically captures data from paper forms and documents, validates the data and passes it to enterprise systems, such as Cardiff LiquidOffice and other ECM, ERP and CRM applications. Bringing all data online helps ensure data accuracy, reduces operating costs and accelerates business processes. TeleForm operates locally or remotely, leveraging Web-based connectivity to transmit data from paper to remote applications or systems.

TeleForm is a fully integrated software product that provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution for automated data entry. TeleForm automatically captures the following information from faxed or scanned documents:

  • hand-printed characters (ICR)
  • machine printed characters (OCR)
  • shaded or checked circles (OMR)
  • bar codes (1-D or 2-D)
  • a digital image of any field (e.g., a signature)