Open Text’s market-leading Fax & Document Distribution (formerly Captaris) applications help organizations easily and securely manage all volumes of fax document delivery and enables organizations and its users to easily capture, store, manage, archive and dispose of their documents. Open Text products include Open Text Fax Server – RightFax Edition and Open Text Document Server – Alchemy Edition


Dialogic is considered the market leader in Intelligent Fax technology with their Brooktrout line of intelligent fax boards. Forged by more than a decade of experience, today’s Brooktrout fax boards contain a library of communication techniques that identify and adapt to various implementations of fax machines and fax server applications. This technical formula, Adaptive Call Progress, ensures greater compatibility, high connectivity rates, and faster transmission speeds

Autonomy Cardiff

With its innovative Intelligent Document platform, Cardiff is a leader in providing solutions that unify people, paper, and process. Cardiff embeds intelligence into a document that enables it to have a self-understanding of its content. This meaning-based intelligence enables the form or document to provide a rich user experience, enforce business data rules, route itself to the right people, and manage interactions with business systems. Both paper and electronic forms and documents are fully embraced by this unified and integrated solution.

PSIGEN Software, Inc. was founded in 1995 by leading scanning and capture industry application developers. The mission was to provide robust, yet simple advanced document imaging and search products to our customers. Fourteen years later, Psi Capture applications provide just that; cutting edge document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features built with state of the art technology, all presented with a user friendly interface. PSIGEN is a scanning and capture onramp for more than 40 ECM systems, and as a Microsoft Partner, PSIGEN is constantly providing integration into Microsoft technologies like SharePoint.


GFI Software provides the single best source of Web & Mail Security, Archiving & Fax, Networking & Security and Remote Monitoring & Management solutions software for small to medium sized businesses. With award-winning technology, an aggressive pricing strategy, and a strong focus on the unique requirements of small to medium sized businesses, GFI Software satisfies the needs of SMB organizations on a global scale.