Electronic Documents

Rapidly migrate to a rich online eforms experience that your customer and staff will love

Liquid Office eForms provides the complete infrastructure needed to put form and document processes online, connecting forms with database, ERP, accounting and back-office applications. Through the distribution and automation of organizational forms-including expense reports, purchase orders, and time-off requests-you will significantly increase worker productivity.

Cardiff LiquidOffice eForms™ is a powerful, Web-based software solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms.   LiquidOffice eForms’ capabilities range from internal corporate “web forms” to the comprehensive rules-based forms that drive the core of an organization’s business.  Intelligence is automatically built directly into the form to improve data accuracy and determine the correct business workflow, delivering the most efficient processes possible.  In addition, LiquidOffice ensures compliance by transparently creating an audit log of all activities and provides the security of both HTML and PDF digital signature support.  Using open standards such as XML, HTML and PDF, LiquidOffice’s rapidly deployable server and form design environment make it simply the fastest way to put intelligent forms and documents online.

Cardiff LiquidOffice Eforms Features