Document Capture

Organizations today have so many requirements for scanning, capture and document imaging, they often deploy a number of solutions to meet all their departmental scanning needs. This increases the processing time, administrative headache, support requirements, and overall cost of maintaining their Document Management infrastructure. PSIGEN PSI:Capture provides the ability to consolidate and standardize to a single capture platform enterprise wide, providing the utmost in flexibility, and supporting numerous back end Enterprise Content Management System.



With an innovative document capture platform engineered to combine automation, efficiency, stability and Enterprise-class scalability, PSIGEN’s flagship product PSI:Capture is poised to continue advancing document processing technology well into the future. PSI:Capture provides scanning functionality, or can utilize simple expressions through its Advanced Data Extraction feature to automate processing tasks. With the ability to export or migrate the data to over 50 industry ECM and DMS systems, PSI:Capture represents the next generation of document processing software.

provides a single capture platform that can meet all the needs of an organization: document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR, data extraction and the ability to migrate the information into a backend. PSI:Capture advanced capture system enhances the capabilities of any scanning device, providing a powerful onramp to any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Document Management Systems (DMS).





Capture Anywhere. PSIGEN’s web-based document capture product PSI:Fusion provides internet browser queuing and indexing capability from just about any device.  Its built-in barcode generator allows users a simple and efficient way to scan documents into their Fusion queues, index their documents with assigned metadata, and then send them on to their end destination.

Fusion can be utilized for MFP Scanning, inbound fax queuing and routing, capture workflow and approval, mail room routing and much, much more.  With a simple and intuitive user interface, the product allows for quick training and deployment.

True integration with PSIGEN’s Flagship document capture product PSI:Capture Enterprise, allows an organization to leverage all the complex capture functionality in front end processing, and a simple route to Fusion export.


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