Forms Processing

Does your organization collect and manage data from forms?

Manual data entry is expensive and inefficient. Save time and money by automating the data entry process using Cardiff TeleForm. We provide software solutions that can improve data entry time and accuracy by up to 90%. Paper documents can be scanned or faxed into the system and software can identify your forms, read check marks, bar codes, hand and machine prints, and export the data automatically to a database. Electronic documents also allow you to collect data over the internet or email. The ROI from implementing an automated data entry system is immediate and impressive

Atticus Consulting provides complete automated data entry solutions including software, scanners and fax servers, plus installation and training. We also offer form design and printing services or if you don’t want to set up a system in-house, we can process your forms and provide you with the data files.

Cardiff TeleForm is modular and scalable to meet your data entry requirements. The single station Desktop version is ideal for low volume systems. The networkable Workgroup and Enterprise versions are scalable to meet the highest form volumes.
Accuracy, speed, and scalability make TeleForm the right solution for all your data collection and form processing needs. Please contact us for product demonstration and additional info.