Fax Automation

SAP, Oracle and other ERP applications allow organizations to connect and automate the flow of business processes across an organization to streamline procurement, order fulfillment, marketing, sales, manufacturing, financials, and human resources. All these business processes generate volumes of valuable information in the form of documents – purchase orders, invoices, order acknowledgements, and confirmations, to name a few.

While ERP applications are designed to automate core business processes and improve the efficiency of generating data for business documents, they are not designed to distribute the documents to customers and suppliers. Instead, organizations revert to printing documents and relying on manual methods of delivering business information to their customers and suppliers. These methods, including mail, overnight services, and manual fax are costly, time-consuming, and inefficient.

RightFax provides low-cost, electronic document delivery from ERP applications by enabling companies to automatically and instantaneously distribute documents to customers and suppliers via fax, email, certified email, or encrypted PDF delivery options. The impact on companies that integrate RightFax with their ERP applications can be substantial, including the following:

  • Document delivery cost reductions of up to 90 percent or thousands of dollars monthly
  • Document processing time reductions from almost 9 minutes per page to seconds
  • Improved workflow, transactional and communications efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and quicker revenue recognition
  • Improved Just-in-time (JIT) delivery capabilities
  • Timelier information access for customers and suppliers
  • Reduced equipment and supplies to manage and maintain

RightFax achieves these gains for organizations by providing reliable and intelligent automated document delivery tools that leverage existing enterprise applications. It takes advantage of proven technologies, as well as the latest innovations for ultimate interoperability and flexibility. This yields reduced costs and improved responsiveness with minimal investment or risk.

Facsimile Command Language (FCL)
RightFax is the only product that provides highly flexible Facsimile Command Language (FCL) to make fax-or email-enabling ERP applications fast, simple, and straightforward, without modifications to the application code.

Integration with SAP & Oracle
RightFax provides integrations with SAP applications via SAPconnect, SAPscript or SAP SmartForms as well as a host of intelligent data recognition tools that enable organizations to automate SAP document delivery from virtually any SAP application. Within SAP ECC and SAP R/3, Fax Server integrates by taking advantage of the SAPoffice Fax Module activation. Also, the RightFax Connector for SAP R/3 does not have to be installed on the SAP system and runs as a service directly from the RightFax server.

Oracle incorporated FCL directly into the Oracle Purchasing 11i application of the Oracle E Business Suite to automate delivery of purchase orders, change orders and releases.  This is an exclusive distinction due to the superior document delivery capabilities of RightFax and the longstanding relationship between Oracle and Open Text.

Support for XML and Java
Companies that want ultimate flexibility can extend RightFax using the RightFax XML Interface and the RightFax Java API.  These technologies provide powerful, flexible tools for integrating or customizing solutions specific to an organization’s fax and electronic document delivery needs.

RightFax is an industry leading solution for addressing the challenge of automating document delivery. It is tightly integrated with ERP applications and provides certified, low-cost, real-time, electronic document delivery via fax, email, certified email, or encrypted PDF from existing SAP, Oracle and legacy applications. By incorporating RightFax into their critical document delivery strategy, organizations can extend process automation efficiencies to improve productivity, support security, and compliance goals and dramatically reduce the time and cost of business information delivery.