Document Server Alchemy Benefits

Alchemy’s many features provide significant measurable benefits to your document management processes.


  • Single Click Entry: Single Click Entry OCRs documents, identifies potential index values based on patterns and enables users to complete the indexing process with a few mouse clicks. Quickly and accurately complete the indexing of any document regardless of format without investing in costly and complex capture solutions.
  • External Database Lookup: The External Database Lookup capability indexes documents using data from an external data source such as ERP, CRM or other line-of-business system. Reduce indexing cycle times and improve data consistency between your key business and content platforms.
  • Automated Document Splitting: Automated Document Splitting enables documents to be split based on the number of pages or when a particular value is captured from the document during OCR. Reduce batch sorting errors and make documents available more quickly.
  • Automated Folder Creation: Automatically create folder structures for documents based on their metadata. Reduce post-scan document administration costs and create an intuitive document repository for users to search and browse through.
  • Fax Appliance Capture: The Fax Appliance Capture feature captures and archives documents from OpenText Fax Appliances. Transform the fax appliance into a vital capture device and protect the long term value of every fax.


  • Alchemy Enhanced Web: Alchemy Enhanced Web provides access to documents through Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer. Provide fast and efficient document access to any user, anywhere.
  • File Connector: File Connector presents Alchemy to users as simply another Windows drive letter and enables users to work with the document repository as if it were a standard Windows folder. Centralize and gain control of company content without disrupting the user community.


  • Document Routing: Document Routing efficiently transitions documents through business processes based on user actions and automated business rules. Execute document-centric business processes more efficiently, capture user decisions and quickly identify exceptions.
  • Document Matching: Document matching allows relationships to be defined between document types (e.g. the relationship between an invoice, purchase order and packing slip) enabling missing documents to be rapidly identified. Avoid falling behind operational deadlines by resolving missing document issues earlier in the process.


  • Document Retention: Document Retention automates the retention and disposition of documents using timers and business rules. Manage documents in accordance with company policies and external regulations without increasing IT and administrative costs.