PSIGEN Releases PSI:Capture v5

LAS VEGAS, NV- PSIGEN Software, Inc., the leader in advanced document scanning and capture, released V5 last week, the latest version of its flagship document capture product, PSI:Capture.

This latest release includes features for advanced forms processing and the intelligent identification of documents and forms. Many of the features have been in the product for quite some time, but have required custom scripting and professional services for configuration. Now they have all been added as product features, and below are the highlights:
Record Type Enhancements – Record types allow a capture workflow to contain multiple sets of documents with varying characteristics, including: shared and unique index fields, differing zone templates, differing expressions for extraction, and classification rules.

Dynamic Pattern Matching – pattern matching can now be triggered automatically based on the classification of a document. These triggered expressions can also be shared across record types to make extraction simple.

Smart Zones – this advanced technology helps with processing information across forms through two integrated features: dynamic anchoring and compassing. Smart Zones can be used for complicated data extraction processes in AP, eDiscovery or medical review to find data surrounding specific terms.

Zone Profiles – now, within a single document type, you can have multiple zone templates that are linked to a particular form or document. This provides a simple, efficient way to extract information or provide operators with “zoom zones” based on the classified form type.

Classification Module – this module allows for identification of forms, intelligent separation based on form types and validation based on page counts. The module automated the forms processing task through an easy to configure, efficient intelligent recognition process. All of the above features can be tied to a classified form, providing dynamic data extraction capabilities in a single document type.

Enterprise Feature Set – v5 has new features to provide enhanced redundancy, disaster recovery, and reporting through SQL Server.

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