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RightFax 10.5 Seminar

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Thursday March 21st, 2013

67 South Bedford Street
Burlington MA 01803

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Please Join Atticus Consulting to learn about what’s new with RightFax

There is so much NEW to talk about

RightFax 10.5: Redesigned User Interface, Searchable PDF and Image enhancement, Hierarchical image file storage,Admin Dashboard, New SAP & MFP integrations, RightFax Internet Connector, Web Services API, and SharePoint 2010 integration.

Learn how to build redundancy with a RightFax Collective and Virtualize RightFax using Fax-Over-IP.

Taking RightFax to the Cloud: All the benefits of RightFax without Telco headaches

RightFax Connect: Cloud-enable your RightFax server
RightFax on Demand: Simplify and meet document distribution objectives with a rich, scalable, and fully integrated hosted RightFax system

If you’re new to RightFax or a seasoned administrator, this event will provide you with the tools to maximize your RightFax investment